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Lost My Buzz (JOUR 4460)

Google Buzz is on its deathbed.  In a few weeks, the company’s first attempt at social networking will be buried to make room for the expanding Google +.

While I think it’s admirable that Google has followed the late R&B singer Aaliyah’s advice, I can’t help but wonder if the world really has any use for another social networking site that is used primarily to connect with friends.

Facebook has had a major, worldwide impact on the way people communicate and relate to one another.  It played a crucial role in the Egyptian uprising earlier this year.  Relationships can start and end because of it.  Families are able to reconnect through it.

In order for another social platform to be successful, it will essentially have to make Facebook obsolete.  Personally, I don’t believe they could peacefully coexist.  This is how the futility of having two social networks to manage manifests itself in my head:

Me:  Did you see what I posted on your wall?

You:  Not yet, is it the picture of us at the lake?

Me:  Well I posted that on your Facebook wall, but I’m talking about                 your Google + wall.  I posted a message on there.

You:  Oh, no, I haven’t checked that today.

If I wanted to share two things with you, why would I take the time to visit two different websites to do it?  It’s a waste of time for me and for you. In today’s society, when someone says the word “wall,” they’re more likely referring to their Facebook page instead of the structures that prevent your ceiling from collapsing.  For a company to try and compete with that type of cultural influence requires a lot of ambition.  Unfortunately, there’s also a big chance of failure.  In the real world, Goliath usually triumphs over David.

LinkedIn manages my professional connections; Facebook and Twitter manage my social connections.  There’s not any networking void in my life for Google + to fill.  So no matter how many interesting little changes they make, like the friend circles, it still won’t serve a unique purpose.

I think if a company ended up putting a chink in Facebook’s armor, Google would be the company to do it.  But I don’t think they’ve achieved it yet.  Google Buzz is almost dead, and at this point Google + merely seems like its wealthier and prettier, but not necessarily smarter, sister.

Who knows what will happen?  Google + could blow up in the next three months causing Facebook’s castle walls to start crumbling.  However, I won’t be part of the revolution.

My social media appetite is satiated.  I don’t have room for more.

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